Monday, September 12, 2011

Sex Education

Wow it's been an incredibly long time but new job have presented new opportunities for me so you've got to go where they money flows. Now I've got some time to dedicate to the cause. It's all about sex of course. There is a brand new sex toy education center at that's been released and it's like the musical artists that release 1 track every week until the album is complete.

I like the idea personally as it gets you coming back for more and wondering what's next. It's also an opportunity to participate by asking them a question and seeing the professional answers from the experts who've been working with sex toys for so many years they know the ins and outs of all vibrators - ha ha no pun intended!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Best Sex Toys Awards

One of the most popular sex shops, The Adult Toy Shoppe has completed their sex toy awards and announced the recipients. I could imagine how much fun these guys had testing all their sex toys! *wink *wink. Just kidding.

It's really good for the consumer to know what the best ones are, it's easy to see that the winners are non-biased becuase most of the winners are not the most expensive. That bugs me when I see the "most popular" items are all 100 dollar sex toys - yea right as if every sex toy sold is over 100 dollars.

Anyways, you should check out the results of the Best sex toy awards and use that as yous shopping guide. It's a savior to know what adult toys are good, they've reviewed some from every category. Check it out it's a good jump-off point for shopping for some new kinky toys and naughty things.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Private Las Vegas VIP Escorts

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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Playboy Bunnies CAN be smart!

I am the biggest fan of Celebrity Apprentice. What a hot year! The best contestants and the best tasks. It's constantly on the edge of your seat action and entertainment.

They even have a playboy bunny. The adult world meets the business world and it's an interesting study to see this. On the opener, Donald Trump openly admitted that he hot on her but she ignored his advances.

Donald probably has more ties with Hef then yo think but he keeps is mum because many family and conservative people are his fans and if he has close ties with the adult world, then he might loose some popularity points and the Donald needs to be careful about that.

Brandi is very smart, she's a leader, intelligent an d planned well. Even joan Rivers has said that she is a perfect blend of beauty and brains. i think it was risky for him to add a porn model into his primetimes show, but he picked the perfect woman for the job.

It's like bringing the adult industry into the common world. has their front banner right, these are so mainstream. A risky endeavor but it seems that with more and more nudity, not just in adult films or even mainstream film but now on regular television shows, it's like that this industry is not so taboo anymore. nothing really is taboo, expect obviously taboo things, but soft core porn has found it's easy into the mainstream media.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Sex and Politics

You have to hand it to the politicians. This is a very exciting time of year because they political campaigns get very slanderous. Where else can you each all this slamming of character? Is this even legal?

I saw this new report about how McCain twists what Obama says to make it look like he's a pervert. Read this article about the sex in politics and I will begin my rant.

It's funny how the USA is so conservative, how dare we place the words children and sex in the same sentence. This is trying to protect them to tell them the difference between good touches and bad touches. e have to prevent pedophiles from touching our kids and educating them on what a pedophile is is the only way.

You see kids are naturally trusting and cannot see what is really going on, they thick it's fine so by teaching kids the wrong and right, it protects them. Geez, get off each other's back and stop twisting the truth! How are we supposed to elect any one when all they do is slander each other and lie! I hate having to pick the one who lies the least!

This has the exact sex ad . What do you think about all of this? Why does it even matter? You can't leave it to parents to talk to their kids, that doesn't seem to work anymore because if it worked, there would be more school shootings or fights because the parents would work closely with their kids to prevent childhood outbursts but this does not seem to be the case.

You can't really blame the parents though because the need to work 60 hours a week just to keep the house because mortgage rates are so high, so in the end there is no one left to raise the kids. Crappy society now hoe do we get out of this mess?

Maybe the economic crash will help with all of this. Parents can have intimate sex, kids can be properly raised and mostly everyone will live happily ever after. But not the people who lives in excess. The people who are financially OK they should be fine. We will see only in time.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Rambling Beauty

Sassy women of thew world unite!
If you are a sexy vixen and have lots on your mind, why not turn that into your very own website? Get inspired by the Rambling Beauty too see her works. A literate professional, or a professional of literacy, she writes content that is just plain fun to read.

If you have lots on your mind, get it off and write your own internet journal too. Even if no one ever reads it, it's just fun to let off steam and know that you have a place in the world (wide web).

So take a moment to check out her site!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Pleasure Balls Good For Women?

Many people talk about pleasure balls, saying they are great for women or they are not good for women. But what is true and what is myth? We have broken down the myths of Pleasure Balls, giving you the truth about them, good or bad!

Can pleasure balls get stuck in a woman? The answer to this myth is no! A woman is not a maze with hidden passages and secret corners, she has one area where the pleasure balls are inserted, and no more. The pleasure balls are meant to move around inside the vagina, which is the only place they stay. The vagina is one area, and the cervix at the top keeps the pleasure balls from moving up past the vagina. Therefore pleasure balls cannot get stuck, and will not disappear! If you are worried about them getting stuck once they are already inserted, simply cough hard or just push strong and they will pop right out!

Do pleasure balls help with Kregel exercises? This one is a yes. Kregel exercises help tighten the vagina and increase the sensations received during sex. Kregel exercises are also said to help easy childbirth. When pleasure balls are inserted into the vagina, the act of holding them in by squeezing the vaginal muscles is part of Kregel exercises. These exercises are typically done by women who have had children to help tighten everything back up!

Pleasure balls can be used not only for exercising, but can also give a woman sensual pleasure! The pleasure balls that are duo-tone means they have smaller balls inside the larger balls, which move freely, giving them a sort of vibrating sensation. This gives the woman a sense of satisfaction, and can be worn all day to keep her smiling!

Pleasure balls are fun and discreet. They come in all sizes, and in many designs. The only down side to them would be that for beginners, they can fall out prematurely if they are too small. Beginners should start with larger balls and work their way to smaller ones. If you find they are slipping out too easily, try wearing a tight G-string panty to help keep everything tight.