Monday, September 22, 2008

Pleasure Balls Good For Women?

Many people talk about pleasure balls, saying they are great for women or they are not good for women. But what is true and what is myth? We have broken down the myths of Pleasure Balls, giving you the truth about them, good or bad!

Can pleasure balls get stuck in a woman? The answer to this myth is no! A woman is not a maze with hidden passages and secret corners, she has one area where the pleasure balls are inserted, and no more. The pleasure balls are meant to move around inside the vagina, which is the only place they stay. The vagina is one area, and the cervix at the top keeps the pleasure balls from moving up past the vagina. Therefore pleasure balls cannot get stuck, and will not disappear! If you are worried about them getting stuck once they are already inserted, simply cough hard or just push strong and they will pop right out!

Do pleasure balls help with Kregel exercises? This one is a yes. Kregel exercises help tighten the vagina and increase the sensations received during sex. Kregel exercises are also said to help easy childbirth. When pleasure balls are inserted into the vagina, the act of holding them in by squeezing the vaginal muscles is part of Kregel exercises. These exercises are typically done by women who have had children to help tighten everything back up!

Pleasure balls can be used not only for exercising, but can also give a woman sensual pleasure! The pleasure balls that are duo-tone means they have smaller balls inside the larger balls, which move freely, giving them a sort of vibrating sensation. This gives the woman a sense of satisfaction, and can be worn all day to keep her smiling!

Pleasure balls are fun and discreet. They come in all sizes, and in many designs. The only down side to them would be that for beginners, they can fall out prematurely if they are too small. Beginners should start with larger balls and work their way to smaller ones. If you find they are slipping out too easily, try wearing a tight G-string panty to help keep everything tight.

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