Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Sex and Politics

You have to hand it to the politicians. This is a very exciting time of year because they political campaigns get very slanderous. Where else can you each all this slamming of character? Is this even legal?

I saw this new report about how McCain twists what Obama says to make it look like he's a pervert. Read this article about the sex in politics and I will begin my rant.

It's funny how the USA is so conservative, how dare we place the words children and sex in the same sentence. This is trying to protect them to tell them the difference between good touches and bad touches. e have to prevent pedophiles from touching our kids and educating them on what a pedophile is is the only way.

You see kids are naturally trusting and cannot see what is really going on, they thick it's fine so by teaching kids the wrong and right, it protects them. Geez, get off each other's back and stop twisting the truth! How are we supposed to elect any one when all they do is slander each other and lie! I hate having to pick the one who lies the least!

This has the exact sex ad . What do you think about all of this? Why does it even matter? You can't leave it to parents to talk to their kids, that doesn't seem to work anymore because if it worked, there would be more school shootings or fights because the parents would work closely with their kids to prevent childhood outbursts but this does not seem to be the case.

You can't really blame the parents though because the need to work 60 hours a week just to keep the house because mortgage rates are so high, so in the end there is no one left to raise the kids. Crappy society now hoe do we get out of this mess?

Maybe the economic crash will help with all of this. Parents can have intimate sex, kids can be properly raised and mostly everyone will live happily ever after. But not the people who lives in excess. The people who are financially OK they should be fine. We will see only in time.

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