Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Technology in Sex Toys

The world evolves around us and the industry of sex toys is no different.

manufacturers are on the cutting edge of sex toy production and they bring technologically advanced sex toys.

This is not entirely new, I remember working at a sex shop when I was younger and they had a camera at the end of the vibrator with a light. You hook it up to your TV and you can see what it looks like inside the vagina. A great idea but in the whole 2 years of working in a sex shop, i never sold one.

Not to anyone's surprise, it has been discontinued after 1 year, and the discontinued item sat on the shelves for another years after that until they were drastically reduced in price and eventually sold.

I think that's a reason why technologically advanced sex toys do not sell, it's because with any new invention comes a hefty price tag and many women don't feel comfortable spending over 100 dollars on something they will shove into their vagina.

Here comes a new invention, the iPod vibrator which vibrates in turn with your music.

If you ask me, it's quite ridiculous. Who in their right mind could even get off on this odd sex device? Look at it here to see for yourself. the iPod vibrator. You can even buy it if you're so inclined.

My opinion is that technology should stay out of the bedroom and remain on TV stands. We do not want technologically advanced sex toys, we just want an orgasm!