Friday, March 14, 2008

Truth About Penis Enlargement

Every man wants a bigger penis. Most men claim that their penis is too small, however they are comparing themselves to porn stars who have had surgery to increase their penis size. American men are way too fixated on penis size and that's the truth.

Yes, size does matter - but it does not matter as much as you think it does. Just because your penis is too small does not mean that your partner is unsatisfied. Technique is just as important as size. Most women don't want a large penis anyway because their vagina is small and it will be too painful. If a woman does want a massive penis, then they just buy a dildo and satisfy themselves.

A small penis does not mean that you are not loved. It is wrong to think that everything is based on the size of your penis. Unfortunately, too many men are fixated on this relatively un-important detail, but in their minds, they blow it completely out of proportion. there are many websites out there claiming that they will give you a bigger penis.

To all men: The ONLY way to truly get a bigger penis is to get penis enhancement surgery. Let's set the record straight right now, plungers, pumps, pills and extenders DO NOT increase the size of your penis. Most of these tools are useless. The real facts about penis pumps will tell you that pumps are designed for erection help, and older men who have erectile difficulty are the reasons for penis vacuum pumps, Unfortunately, too many sex toy stores and other affiliate sites have brainwashed the public telling men that penis pumps enlarge the penis. The only thing they enlarge is the flaccid penis into an erect penis, You will not get an increase in inches. Get more facts about penis enlargement methods so you don't end up wasting your money.

Extenders are nihilistic devices that look downright painful, totally not effective at all. Pills? Stay away from that, why would you put a pill into your body that claims that it enlarges your penis? If this was the case, don't you think that it would enlarge your finger and your toes too? That's something to think about...