Friday, October 10, 2008

Rambling Beauty

Sassy women of thew world unite!
If you are a sexy vixen and have lots on your mind, why not turn that into your very own website? Get inspired by the Rambling Beauty too see her works. A literate professional, or a professional of literacy, she writes content that is just plain fun to read.

If you have lots on your mind, get it off and write your own internet journal too. Even if no one ever reads it, it's just fun to let off steam and know that you have a place in the world (wide web).

So take a moment to check out her site!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Pleasure Balls Good For Women?

Many people talk about pleasure balls, saying they are great for women or they are not good for women. But what is true and what is myth? We have broken down the myths of Pleasure Balls, giving you the truth about them, good or bad!

Can pleasure balls get stuck in a woman? The answer to this myth is no! A woman is not a maze with hidden passages and secret corners, she has one area where the pleasure balls are inserted, and no more. The pleasure balls are meant to move around inside the vagina, which is the only place they stay. The vagina is one area, and the cervix at the top keeps the pleasure balls from moving up past the vagina. Therefore pleasure balls cannot get stuck, and will not disappear! If you are worried about them getting stuck once they are already inserted, simply cough hard or just push strong and they will pop right out!

Do pleasure balls help with Kregel exercises? This one is a yes. Kregel exercises help tighten the vagina and increase the sensations received during sex. Kregel exercises are also said to help easy childbirth. When pleasure balls are inserted into the vagina, the act of holding them in by squeezing the vaginal muscles is part of Kregel exercises. These exercises are typically done by women who have had children to help tighten everything back up!

Pleasure balls can be used not only for exercising, but can also give a woman sensual pleasure! The pleasure balls that are duo-tone means they have smaller balls inside the larger balls, which move freely, giving them a sort of vibrating sensation. This gives the woman a sense of satisfaction, and can be worn all day to keep her smiling!

Pleasure balls are fun and discreet. They come in all sizes, and in many designs. The only down side to them would be that for beginners, they can fall out prematurely if they are too small. Beginners should start with larger balls and work their way to smaller ones. If you find they are slipping out too easily, try wearing a tight G-string panty to help keep everything tight.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Classy Glass Sex Toys

These gorgeous sex toys are not only classy and stylish, they have so many fancy and functional properties that make them a favorite choice among women. Glass dildo sex toys are strong, supple, and can retain temperature extremely well. Also, glass sex toys are typically hand blown for a unique dildo every time!

Glass is so versatile, it can be crafted into many sensual shapes and can have any gorgeous color added to it. This means you can choose a unique and crazy looking sex toy with for the most erotic sensation! From large round bulbs to twisted spiral shafts, glass sex toys offer range of pleasure unmatched by other sex toys.

Glass sex toys are not porous, so they are extremely easy to clean. You can wash them with anti-bacterial soap and water, sex toy cleaner, or even tossed in the dishwasher along with your other glass dishes! This makes glass the easiest sex toy material to care for. But do be careful, like any glass, once in the dishwasher, it may be hot! But this is not always a bad thing, the fact that glass sex toys retain temperature is a very erotic feature!

Try placing your glass sex toys in the freezer for a couple minutes and enjoy the erotic cool down! This is very stimulating for most women. A cold glass dildo offers the same sensations to a woman that frozen ice cubes do, except without the drippy mess! Alternatively, you can run your glass sex toys under hot water for a couples seconds and enjoy a warm, sensual touch! Just don't burn yourself!

Another great feature of glass sex toys is that if you are naturally lubricated enough, you don't need to use any lubricant with glass! Glass slides easily and comfortably on its own. Of course you can always use lubricant if you prefer!

Glass sex toys are beautiful and elegant, and come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and designs! Enjoy the versatility of glass sex toys, and enjoy a new level of sensational pleasure!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Technology in Sex Toys

The world evolves around us and the industry of sex toys is no different.

manufacturers are on the cutting edge of sex toy production and they bring technologically advanced sex toys.

This is not entirely new, I remember working at a sex shop when I was younger and they had a camera at the end of the vibrator with a light. You hook it up to your TV and you can see what it looks like inside the vagina. A great idea but in the whole 2 years of working in a sex shop, i never sold one.

Not to anyone's surprise, it has been discontinued after 1 year, and the discontinued item sat on the shelves for another years after that until they were drastically reduced in price and eventually sold.

I think that's a reason why technologically advanced sex toys do not sell, it's because with any new invention comes a hefty price tag and many women don't feel comfortable spending over 100 dollars on something they will shove into their vagina.

Here comes a new invention, the iPod vibrator which vibrates in turn with your music.

If you ask me, it's quite ridiculous. Who in their right mind could even get off on this odd sex device? Look at it here to see for yourself. the iPod vibrator. You can even buy it if you're so inclined.

My opinion is that technology should stay out of the bedroom and remain on TV stands. We do not want technologically advanced sex toys, we just want an orgasm!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Celebrity Sex Tapes

There are many celebrities that come out with sex tapes every now and then. Either they released them (or their managers did) or they have been released and accused.
Is it a publicity stunt?

Most likely. Any publicity is good publicity and the racier it is, the more it will be in the news and get noticed. The best example is Paris Hilton. The Paris Hilton Se Tape is so well known, it has spawned an entire empire of celebrity sex scandals and celebrity sex tapes leaking out all over the internet. Paris Hilton made millions from her sex tape, not directly but indirectly too since her perfume sales, shoes sales, or whatever else she is selling. She got more famous.

She did not really begin the trend though because Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson has released their sex tape in 1998. It was their honeymoon tape and the Tommy lee and pam anderson sex tape also made them millions and gave a huge boost to their careers.

The celebrity sex videos continued with the release f Tony Harding and her husband released a sex tape. A figure skating sex tape? Sure why not because any publicity is good publicity, what a way to convey a bad girl image. Tonya Hardig should have continued by appearing in Playboy which I'm not sure if she did but if you type in "Tonya Harding Playboy" into Google, you get some freaky results!

Other actors did not react s kindly to their sex tapes being released. There have been Lawsuits with certain celebrity sex tape scandals such as Colin farrell and Kelsey Grammar. It completely makes sense through because who would want to see these people naked? Eeew!

People who are not celebrities but ant to enjoy 15 minutes of fame have also released sex tapes. Survivor finalist Jenna Lewis has released her long sex tape to the world trying to get attention and a little bit of money. This could really begin a career in the adult industry, or maybe she wants to be a porn starlet one day so this is a great way to get your foot into the door in the porn and adult industry.

If you see the picture above, it features full nudity. Not really a sex tape but more like softcore porn. Full nudity is a different topic completely. Why did Halle barry expose her breasts in the movie Swordfish? Every man in the USA watched the movies purely to see Halle Berry boobs. Her breasts were in a long scene, the movie as not very good at all, I don't think the users really liked it and the hype was all about Halle Berry's breasts. It made millions again and I read somewhere that she got paid alot extra for exposing her boobies.

JimI Hendrix is having a sex tape released. Vingate porn is hot, it has a large underground following and I'm sure that many fans are excited for this release. Even after your gone, your privates can still be exposed! The Jimi Hendrix sex tape has many doubters that it's rally him, even the family must not be too impressed and unsure if it's him, but I belive it is. Look how big and famous the guy was, hugely popular. There is no doubt in my m,ind that the Jimi hendrix tape is authentic.

The family will make money off this estate, is it an unmoral thing to do? I don't think so because he filmed it and appeared in it with apparently two women. I bet the guy was a sex fiend, the best guitarist of all time? It will be a hugely popular sex tape.

It's almost in fashion now to have a sex tape, juts about a fashionable as exposing a side boob or crotchless shot. Remember on Family Guy when he had the "Side Boob Hour" on PTV! Well they tell it the way it is. Sexiness is in style. If I were a celebrity, i might release a sex tape,unless I was serious like Kelsey Grammer or Orpah, then I would not. But to get all that attention and make a few million dollars? Why not?

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Adult Expo

Where can you go and be literally surrounded by porn stars and big fake boobs? No other city then Sin City and no other adult show then the Adult Entertainment Expo.
This adult expo has everything in the world of adult entertainment. There are two parts, the first is the trade area which is the first part of the day where people in the adult industry, everyone from budding porn stars to adult webmasters go to learn the new tricks of the trade and to keep current with what's going on.

If you are an adult webmaster or are considering becoming an internet millionaire through online porn (juts like everyone else), then you might want to take a trip to Las Vegas in January. Check out the adult seminars and learn some neat tips, then decide that you want to go back to being a dentists becuase you will learn that becoming an internet millionaire is not really possible anymore since it has been so over-done. If everyone is doing it then the millions of dollars is being divided by the millions of people, leaving a very small marginal about you you to make online, but that neither here nor there...

If you are already in the industry then attend the adult trade seminar and do some valuable networking. For the fans (and the traders too) the next day is for you. Get autographs and see the most famous porn stars in person. Hot hot hot! Find out what is going on, and see who is involved. It's also a great way to spend a weekend. They offer hotel discpunts for people attending the show to save a few bucks. Enjoy the Adult Entertainment Expo and get the latest news and happenings from the adult related industry and the sexy world of adult temptation!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Truth About Penis Enlargement

Every man wants a bigger penis. Most men claim that their penis is too small, however they are comparing themselves to porn stars who have had surgery to increase their penis size. American men are way too fixated on penis size and that's the truth.

Yes, size does matter - but it does not matter as much as you think it does. Just because your penis is too small does not mean that your partner is unsatisfied. Technique is just as important as size. Most women don't want a large penis anyway because their vagina is small and it will be too painful. If a woman does want a massive penis, then they just buy a dildo and satisfy themselves.

A small penis does not mean that you are not loved. It is wrong to think that everything is based on the size of your penis. Unfortunately, too many men are fixated on this relatively un-important detail, but in their minds, they blow it completely out of proportion. there are many websites out there claiming that they will give you a bigger penis.

To all men: The ONLY way to truly get a bigger penis is to get penis enhancement surgery. Let's set the record straight right now, plungers, pumps, pills and extenders DO NOT increase the size of your penis. Most of these tools are useless. The real facts about penis pumps will tell you that pumps are designed for erection help, and older men who have erectile difficulty are the reasons for penis vacuum pumps, Unfortunately, too many sex toy stores and other affiliate sites have brainwashed the public telling men that penis pumps enlarge the penis. The only thing they enlarge is the flaccid penis into an erect penis, You will not get an increase in inches. Get more facts about penis enlargement methods so you don't end up wasting your money.

Extenders are nihilistic devices that look downright painful, totally not effective at all. Pills? Stay away from that, why would you put a pill into your body that claims that it enlarges your penis? If this was the case, don't you think that it would enlarge your finger and your toes too? That's something to think about...

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Phthalates in Sex Toys

With all the recalls of many different products these days, it's hard to know what is safe for personal use and what may be potential harmful. When it comes to sex toys and adult related novelties, the harmful additives used are called “Phthalates”. Phthalates are used to soften otherwise harder and more uncomfortable materials. Each sex toy is different, and may or may not contain phthalates. If you are unsure about a particular item, contact the sex toy store you are wishing to purchase the toy from, and they will be able to tell you exactly which toys are safe and which toys are not.

Please note – This article is simply an outline, each sex toy manufacturer is different and have their own individual ways of creating the material mixes. As stated earlier, if unsure, contact the sex toy store you shop with, and they will contact the manufacturer on your behalf.

Glass, wood, plastic and metal sex toys are guaranteed to be phthalate free, as they are non porous and do not have any chemicals to soften them. These are the safest toys to purchase if you are concerned with harmful chemicals and wish to purchase a phthalate free sex toy.

These toys are very versatile, but can also be very expensive. As in many aspects of life, you get what you pay for, so dishing out a little extra dough for a high quality sex toy will usually mean you are going to be satisfied with your purchase. Glass sex toys in particular are a good buy for their price. These toys can be heated or cooled, and are almost all fracture resistant and very durable. Also, these toys will be easiest to clean.

Cyberskin sex toys are almost certain to be phthalate free, but it is best to check with the sex toy store if you are concerned. The toys are the life like toys in both look and feel. Special care is required for this material, as it may dry out and crack if not properly stored.

Pleasureskin is another realistic material, but has a higher chance of containing phthalates than Cyberskin. This material is much like a softened jelly/rubber material, and can also mimic realistic skin. These sex toys are good quality, and are easier to clean than Cyberskin.

Silicone and jelly sex toys vary from toy to toy. These materials may or may not contain phthalates, and you will have to contact the sex toy store for each individual product. Soft, squish and very comfortable, silicone sex toys can last a long time, but must never be mixed with a silicone based lubrication. Using a silicone based lube with a silicone sex toy may cause the toy to melt by chemical reaction. Use a water based lubricant with silicone sex toys. As for jelly, some variations of jelly sex toys also contain silicone, and some do not. Water based lubricant is recommended just in case it does contain some silicone.

Rubber sex toys may also contain phthalates. This material usually does, as it is most often softened by the manufacturer. Again, check with your sex toy store for individual product information.

Sex toys are perfect companions to any romantic evening or shameless self pleasure encounter, but can also contain some potentially harmful chemicals. Although extensive testing has not been conducted to know for sure if phthalates are harmful to people or not, if you are concerned, contact your sex toy store for information on this topic.

Bye-Bye Sex Toy Ban!

The U.S. Supreme Court has recently lifted the ban on the sales of sex toys and sex toy related items in Texas, a ban that has loomed over this state since the 1970's. They said this law violates ones constitutional right to privacy. This leaves Alabama as the only state with the sex toy ban still in effect.

The decision to strike down this ban follows the U.S. Supreme Courts decision to strike down the ban on consensual sex between same-sex couples in 2003.

Good news for all the Texans who love their sex toys and adult related products. Perhaps the government is finally starting to listen to the people about their private issues. This ban was trying control people, not in public but rather in the comfort and privacy of their own home. Many people, including presidents and CEO's of many large sex toy stores and manufacturers are happy about this recently abolished ban, and are planning to expand into these areas.

A women in Fort Worth, Burleson was arrested in 2003 for selling adult novelties and toys at a Tupperware style party. This issue drew nation wide attention, most of which was negative attention towards the sex toy ban. The charges against this woman were later dropped.

Well, it's nice to see that the US court of appeals is open to the idea of change, and can maybe one day abolish this ban in all US states. Lingerie store can now, and are planning to, sell adult toys and novelty items in their shops, and deliver these harmless pleasures to couples in Texas. Texans now don't need to hide their love of sex toys, and can feel free to purchase them and use them in the privacy of their own home, the way it should have always been!

Vibrators & Health

Sex toys for women have been proven to not only bring on excitement and pleasure to a women, but they are also known to help relieve stress and aid in muscle tone. Women who enjoy their sex toys are most likely happier and can deal with problems a lot better than women who are sexually frustrated. But how? Well, it simple!

The female vibrator dates back to the 1880's, when is was invented as a medical device. It was used to help cure women of some illnesses such as female hysteria. Doctors would preform treatments on women, (known today as masturbation). This proved to be hard, strenuous work, so the vibrator was invented to help doctors get the job done faster. Now that we have fast forwarded to 2012, the movie called Hysteria is all about this invention.

Little did they know back in those days that what they were really doing was giving each woman an orgasm. This would help her relieve frustration, by triggering chemicals in her brain that tell her to relax. Just like how after sex, a person feels calm and pleased.

Also, orgasms help with blood pressure. As you are reaching your orgasm, your blood is flowing faster and your heart is beating harder. Then once it is all over, everything settles down, and returns to a pleasant, comfortable level. This is a great cardio work out!

Along with exercise for the heart, using a vibrator helps stimulate the vagina muscles, which makes you clench. Clenching and releasing the vagina muscles works them out, giving women extra squeeze power which later in life will help with urinary difficulties. Also, having stronger vaginal muscles aids in experiencing a better orgasm.

Sex therapists who consult women having trouble enjoying sexual intercourse will often suggest she buy a vibrator and masturbate with them. This will help stimulate the body to learn to love being touched. This can also help women who have dryness problems.

Vibrators may be frowned upon in society, but they are becoming more and more acceptable every day. There are still a few southern states in the USA with a total ban on sex toys, but soon they will come around and realize that sex toys are not only dirty objects, but can be used for many medical uses! Woman, grab your vibrators and be proud of your sexuality!