Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Playboy Bunnies CAN be smart!

I am the biggest fan of Celebrity Apprentice. What a hot year! The best contestants and the best tasks. It's constantly on the edge of your seat action and entertainment.

They even have a playboy bunny. The adult world meets the business world and it's an interesting study to see this. On the opener, Donald Trump openly admitted that he hot on her but she ignored his advances.

Donald probably has more ties with Hef then yo think but he keeps is mum because many family and conservative people are his fans and if he has close ties with the adult world, then he might loose some popularity points and the Donald needs to be careful about that.

Brandi is very smart, she's a leader, intelligent an d planned well. Even joan Rivers has said that she is a perfect blend of beauty and brains. i think it was risky for him to add a porn model into his primetimes show, but he picked the perfect woman for the job.

It's like bringing the adult industry into the common world. has their front banner right, these are so mainstream. A risky endeavor but it seems that with more and more nudity, not just in adult films or even mainstream film but now on regular television shows, it's like that this industry is not so taboo anymore. nothing really is taboo, expect obviously taboo things, but soft core porn has found it's easy into the mainstream media.