Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Phthalates in Sex Toys

With all the recalls of many different products these days, it's hard to know what is safe for personal use and what may be potential harmful. When it comes to sex toys and adult related novelties, the harmful additives used are called “Phthalates”. Phthalates are used to soften otherwise harder and more uncomfortable materials. Each sex toy is different, and may or may not contain phthalates. If you are unsure about a particular item, contact the sex toy store you are wishing to purchase the toy from, and they will be able to tell you exactly which toys are safe and which toys are not.

Please note – This article is simply an outline, each sex toy manufacturer is different and have their own individual ways of creating the material mixes. As stated earlier, if unsure, contact the sex toy store you shop with, and they will contact the manufacturer on your behalf.

Glass, wood, plastic and metal sex toys are guaranteed to be phthalate free, as they are non porous and do not have any chemicals to soften them. These are the safest toys to purchase if you are concerned with harmful chemicals and wish to purchase a phthalate free sex toy.

These toys are very versatile, but can also be very expensive. As in many aspects of life, you get what you pay for, so dishing out a little extra dough for a high quality sex toy will usually mean you are going to be satisfied with your purchase. Glass sex toys in particular are a good buy for their price. These toys can be heated or cooled, and are almost all fracture resistant and very durable. Also, these toys will be easiest to clean.

Cyberskin sex toys are almost certain to be phthalate free, but it is best to check with the sex toy store if you are concerned. The toys are the life like toys in both look and feel. Special care is required for this material, as it may dry out and crack if not properly stored.

Pleasureskin is another realistic material, but has a higher chance of containing phthalates than Cyberskin. This material is much like a softened jelly/rubber material, and can also mimic realistic skin. These sex toys are good quality, and are easier to clean than Cyberskin.

Silicone and jelly sex toys vary from toy to toy. These materials may or may not contain phthalates, and you will have to contact the sex toy store for each individual product. Soft, squish and very comfortable, silicone sex toys can last a long time, but must never be mixed with a silicone based lubrication. Using a silicone based lube with a silicone sex toy may cause the toy to melt by chemical reaction. Use a water based lubricant with silicone sex toys. As for jelly, some variations of jelly sex toys also contain silicone, and some do not. Water based lubricant is recommended just in case it does contain some silicone.

Rubber sex toys may also contain phthalates. This material usually does, as it is most often softened by the manufacturer. Again, check with your sex toy store for individual product information.

Sex toys are perfect companions to any romantic evening or shameless self pleasure encounter, but can also contain some potentially harmful chemicals. Although extensive testing has not been conducted to know for sure if phthalates are harmful to people or not, if you are concerned, contact your sex toy store for information on this topic.

Bye-Bye Sex Toy Ban!

The U.S. Supreme Court has recently lifted the ban on the sales of sex toys and sex toy related items in Texas, a ban that has loomed over this state since the 1970's. They said this law violates ones constitutional right to privacy. This leaves Alabama as the only state with the sex toy ban still in effect.

The decision to strike down this ban follows the U.S. Supreme Courts decision to strike down the ban on consensual sex between same-sex couples in 2003.

Good news for all the Texans who love their sex toys and adult related products. Perhaps the government is finally starting to listen to the people about their private issues. This ban was trying control people, not in public but rather in the comfort and privacy of their own home. Many people, including presidents and CEO's of many large sex toy stores and manufacturers are happy about this recently abolished ban, and are planning to expand into these areas.

A women in Fort Worth, Burleson was arrested in 2003 for selling adult novelties and toys at a Tupperware style party. This issue drew nation wide attention, most of which was negative attention towards the sex toy ban. The charges against this woman were later dropped.

Well, it's nice to see that the US court of appeals is open to the idea of change, and can maybe one day abolish this ban in all US states. Lingerie store can now, and are planning to, sell adult toys and novelty items in their shops, and deliver these harmless pleasures to couples in Texas. Texans now don't need to hide their love of sex toys, and can feel free to purchase them and use them in the privacy of their own home, the way it should have always been!

Vibrators & Health

Sex toys for women have been proven to not only bring on excitement and pleasure to a women, but they are also known to help relieve stress and aid in muscle tone. Women who enjoy their sex toys are most likely happier and can deal with problems a lot better than women who are sexually frustrated. But how? Well, it simple!

The female vibrator dates back to the 1880's, when is was invented as a medical device. It was used to help cure women of some illnesses such as female hysteria. Doctors would preform treatments on women, (known today as masturbation). This proved to be hard, strenuous work, so the vibrator was invented to help doctors get the job done faster. Now that we have fast forwarded to 2012, the movie called Hysteria is all about this invention.

Little did they know back in those days that what they were really doing was giving each woman an orgasm. This would help her relieve frustration, by triggering chemicals in her brain that tell her to relax. Just like how after sex, a person feels calm and pleased.

Also, orgasms help with blood pressure. As you are reaching your orgasm, your blood is flowing faster and your heart is beating harder. Then once it is all over, everything settles down, and returns to a pleasant, comfortable level. This is a great cardio work out!

Along with exercise for the heart, using a vibrator helps stimulate the vagina muscles, which makes you clench. Clenching and releasing the vagina muscles works them out, giving women extra squeeze power which later in life will help with urinary difficulties. Also, having stronger vaginal muscles aids in experiencing a better orgasm.

Sex therapists who consult women having trouble enjoying sexual intercourse will often suggest she buy a vibrator and masturbate with them. This will help stimulate the body to learn to love being touched. This can also help women who have dryness problems.

Vibrators may be frowned upon in society, but they are becoming more and more acceptable every day. There are still a few southern states in the USA with a total ban on sex toys, but soon they will come around and realize that sex toys are not only dirty objects, but can be used for many medical uses! Woman, grab your vibrators and be proud of your sexuality!