Thursday, May 22, 2008

Celebrity Sex Tapes

There are many celebrities that come out with sex tapes every now and then. Either they released them (or their managers did) or they have been released and accused.
Is it a publicity stunt?

Most likely. Any publicity is good publicity and the racier it is, the more it will be in the news and get noticed. The best example is Paris Hilton. The Paris Hilton Se Tape is so well known, it has spawned an entire empire of celebrity sex scandals and celebrity sex tapes leaking out all over the internet. Paris Hilton made millions from her sex tape, not directly but indirectly too since her perfume sales, shoes sales, or whatever else she is selling. She got more famous.

She did not really begin the trend though because Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson has released their sex tape in 1998. It was their honeymoon tape and the Tommy lee and pam anderson sex tape also made them millions and gave a huge boost to their careers.

The celebrity sex videos continued with the release f Tony Harding and her husband released a sex tape. A figure skating sex tape? Sure why not because any publicity is good publicity, what a way to convey a bad girl image. Tonya Hardig should have continued by appearing in Playboy which I'm not sure if she did but if you type in "Tonya Harding Playboy" into Google, you get some freaky results!

Other actors did not react s kindly to their sex tapes being released. There have been Lawsuits with certain celebrity sex tape scandals such as Colin farrell and Kelsey Grammar. It completely makes sense through because who would want to see these people naked? Eeew!

People who are not celebrities but ant to enjoy 15 minutes of fame have also released sex tapes. Survivor finalist Jenna Lewis has released her long sex tape to the world trying to get attention and a little bit of money. This could really begin a career in the adult industry, or maybe she wants to be a porn starlet one day so this is a great way to get your foot into the door in the porn and adult industry.

If you see the picture above, it features full nudity. Not really a sex tape but more like softcore porn. Full nudity is a different topic completely. Why did Halle barry expose her breasts in the movie Swordfish? Every man in the USA watched the movies purely to see Halle Berry boobs. Her breasts were in a long scene, the movie as not very good at all, I don't think the users really liked it and the hype was all about Halle Berry's breasts. It made millions again and I read somewhere that she got paid alot extra for exposing her boobies.

JimI Hendrix is having a sex tape released. Vingate porn is hot, it has a large underground following and I'm sure that many fans are excited for this release. Even after your gone, your privates can still be exposed! The Jimi Hendrix sex tape has many doubters that it's rally him, even the family must not be too impressed and unsure if it's him, but I belive it is. Look how big and famous the guy was, hugely popular. There is no doubt in my m,ind that the Jimi hendrix tape is authentic.

The family will make money off this estate, is it an unmoral thing to do? I don't think so because he filmed it and appeared in it with apparently two women. I bet the guy was a sex fiend, the best guitarist of all time? It will be a hugely popular sex tape.

It's almost in fashion now to have a sex tape, juts about a fashionable as exposing a side boob or crotchless shot. Remember on Family Guy when he had the "Side Boob Hour" on PTV! Well they tell it the way it is. Sexiness is in style. If I were a celebrity, i might release a sex tape,unless I was serious like Kelsey Grammer or Orpah, then I would not. But to get all that attention and make a few million dollars? Why not?