Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Best Sex Toys Awards

One of the most popular sex shops, The Adult Toy Shoppe has completed their sex toy awards and announced the recipients. I could imagine how much fun these guys had testing all their sex toys! *wink *wink. Just kidding.

It's really good for the consumer to know what the best ones are, it's easy to see that the winners are non-biased becuase most of the winners are not the most expensive. That bugs me when I see the "most popular" items are all 100 dollar sex toys - yea right as if every sex toy sold is over 100 dollars.

Anyways, you should check out the results of the Best sex toy awards and use that as yous shopping guide. It's a savior to know what adult toys are good, they've reviewed some from every category. Check it out it's a good jump-off point for shopping for some new kinky toys and naughty things.