Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Adult Expo

Where can you go and be literally surrounded by porn stars and big fake boobs? No other city then Sin City and no other adult show then the Adult Entertainment Expo.
This adult expo has everything in the world of adult entertainment. There are two parts, the first is the trade area which is the first part of the day where people in the adult industry, everyone from budding porn stars to adult webmasters go to learn the new tricks of the trade and to keep current with what's going on.

If you are an adult webmaster or are considering becoming an internet millionaire through online porn (juts like everyone else), then you might want to take a trip to Las Vegas in January. Check out the adult seminars and learn some neat tips, then decide that you want to go back to being a dentists becuase you will learn that becoming an internet millionaire is not really possible anymore since it has been so over-done. If everyone is doing it then the millions of dollars is being divided by the millions of people, leaving a very small marginal about you you to make online, but that neither here nor there...

If you are already in the industry then attend the adult trade seminar and do some valuable networking. For the fans (and the traders too) the next day is for you. Get autographs and see the most famous porn stars in person. Hot hot hot! Find out what is going on, and see who is involved. It's also a great way to spend a weekend. They offer hotel discpunts for people attending the show to save a few bucks. Enjoy the Adult Entertainment Expo and get the latest news and happenings from the adult related industry and the sexy world of adult temptation!